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DOSNER ORGANIC FARMS is a direct herbs and vegetables distributor focused on meeting top quality expectations in every area of the commercial process. The modern consumer demands an organic option with the highest food safety and quality standards. Our distribution center is well managed, ensuring quality shipments all across USA, CANADA and in direct local sales.

We are a known shipper with all the major airlines in USA and CANADA; and we also handle out of state truck shipments, as well as cross-dock services.

Our distribution center is well run and managed, ensuring quality shipments all across USA, CANADA and in direct local sales.


  • Competitive prices FOB Los Angeles, CA and seasonal pricing programs available.
  • We pack to their specifications: Wholesale, Retail, and Food Service presentations.
  • Processed under stringent Food Safety requirements.
  • Daily large inventory of fresh herbs and specialty produce.
  • Organic land to grow, private labeling programs.

Our professional staff will go above and beyond to bring you hard to find items. We also handle CONVENTIONAL fresh certified USA and Mexican grown herbs, specialty produce and Latin, Asian and European items.



Dosner Organic Farms, Inc. with the support of Agricola El Ayale de Nana, was founded in 2012 by a small team of experienced, well known, fresh produce operators from Los Angeles, CA. Leading this team is Mrs. Silvia Jackson and her Husband. Mrs. Jackson has been in the produce industry for over 30 years. Dosner continues to GROW recently having added extra cold storage and equipment to the warehouse. We’re always looking for new, innovated, and authentic items to offer our customers.

Additionally, we have become more involved in social responsibilities within our community, with our growers/partners, and our employees. We continue to offer education and training in the fields of self-care for living a healthier life and in taking care of Mother Nature so that our future generations can have the best environment.


Not only is quality and safety our top priority but so is our work environment which is why we are constantly updating our policies and we keep our employees trained and informed. We believe that a positive attitude within our company will produce excellent service to our customers in all areas.


For our customers to become our core, based on their belief in our products, our service, and our commitment to be a part of their success.

To continue helping and educating our growers/partners in caring for our environment by growing organically and using sustainable practices. To continue educating our employees in doing their part by taking care of our environment with recycling, saving energy, and water not only at our facility but also in their households.

To continue educating our employees with training in Food Safety and how to handle Organic Produce. We also offer workshops in personal motivation, nutrition, and fitness, where they can learn to eat healthier and stay fit.

To be a trustworthy company from the moment you hear about us.

These are some of the products we offer